¡Welcome to heaven!

¡Welcome to heaven!

"We pioneered paragliding in Colombia"


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San Félix - Medellín

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Ruben Fly... Instructor Tandem National, Bilingual Instructor

Ruben Dario Vargas Montoya . Pioneer flying Paragliding in Colombia since 1992 , Director of the School of paragliding Paragliding Medellin , licensed flight instructor # 71610 967 Tandem Instructor License  T3 of the Colombian Air Sports Federation affiliated to the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) bilingual internationally certified instructor by the APPI Docket No. 11336 , founder and pioneer of the first paragliding school in Costa Rica from 2000 to 2004...

Paragliding Medellín makes this magical adventure reality.


We have the equipment and personnel duly certified by the International entity that governs the sport of free flying globally FAI.


With over 25 years of experience and more than 8000 successful flights without incident, dedicated full time to this activity, we can guarantee your safety. But best of all, you want to do it again!


It does not require any experience or knowledge, a professional pilot titled, with  many hours of practice in this activity can take you to a place that is only privilege of birds: Heaven!


After a short demonstration and preparation of the equipment, according to the intensity of the wind, if there is not  wind you will have to run smooth, or if there is good wind, just steps will put you to float comfortably seated...

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Ruben Fly

Tandem Instructor APPI

Register No. 11336 Association of

Paragliding pilots and instructors.

Instructor Tandem Nacional Fedeaereos

Registration No. COL-826-PG

Tandem flights


Paragliding and paramotor School  -  Flying since 1992

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