Tandem flight instructor guided


A tandem paraglider is larger than one built for a single pilot. It’s designed to support the weight of two people, and allows a person with no previous experience to fly with an instructor, who controls the paraglider.


The pilot and passenger each have an independent harness attached to the wing and reserve parachute, ensuring your comfort and safety with both passive and active protection


 Have you ever touched a cloud? or imagined yourself flying quietly over mountains and waterfalls, enjoying nature from aloft, observing birds from above? Watching swallows play or perhaps a small eagle stalking its prey from above?


 Have you imagined views of mountains and valleys from the air, flying free with no cable pulling you aloft?  Would you like to see time stand still before your eyes?


 Paragliding is like floating on a cloud above the city, from where you can truly appreciate the vastness of the valley and mountains. A 360 degree view allows you to appreciate the contrasts of mountains and sky from a place normally reserved for the luckiest birds.


With Paragliding Medellín, you can experience all these sensations and more.


  • Flight preparations begins at the take-off ramp, which is almost always located on a mountain, hill, or slope
  • Your pilot will ensure your gear is properly set up, including helmet and harness. Your legs, shoulders, and waist straps are connected with safety attachments
  • You’ll receive instructions for how to run on take-off, sit comfortably in your harness, and position yourself for landing.
  • We’ll take off by running along the ramp with the help of an assistant
  • You’ll enjoy at least 10 or 20 minute flight. If you’d like a longer flight, you please make arrangements with your pilot prior to take-off.
  • Once aloft, you’ll find yourself suddenly connected to the world of free-flight, already anticipating the next time you can make your dream of flying come true.
  • We always hope that you come away from a tandem flight wanting to fly on your own, with your own paragliding gear.




We fly 7  days a week, 365 days a year!


Normally we start flying from 8:00 a.m., until 5:30 p.m.


Medellin´s geographical location and its wonderful climate, makes it ideal for flying almost every day of the year. To book your flight, it is best to call in advance to confirm reservation and to have information on weather conditions


Paragliding is a very weather dependant activity so we are constantly adjusting dates, pickup times, or straight out cancelling the program if there is rain or strong winds, any of these can happen at last moment and even after driving up to the launch site, if you have enought time we can waite, but it is rare that flights are cancelled up on the hill, but it happens.


Pick up and drop service: can vary, depends on your location in the city,


The Cost round trip from POBLADO area  will be for 1 person or 4 people per car : $40 USD


We can recommend you the car service door to door, we select our drivers carefully to ensure quality service and fair price.

Ask for rate according to your location in the city


From Laureles area: 30 minutes up to San Felix the cost will be 35 USD


From Poblado area: 45 minutes up to San Felix The cost will be 38 USD


From Envigado area: 55 minutes up to San felix The cost will be 40 USD

10 MINUTES FLIGHT  $33 USD /each  person


20 MINUTES FLIGHT: $45 USD /each person


30 MINUTES FLIGHT: $57 USD /each person


Total estimated time for the tour: 2 hours and a half



 By BUS from the Bus  TERMINAL DEL NORTE, less spensive more time to get there. one hour and half or more.



Take the Metro in any station towards Caribe station, TERMINAL DEL NORTE.The cost of the metro ticket  is $2.200 COP. each person.



Get in to the BUS North Terminal and go to the office N°11 Expreso Belmira, or any of those companies  to San Felix.



The cost  from terminal to San Felix by bus is $5.000 pesos. There is a bus every 20 minutes from san felix to the North Terminal and return. "50 minutes driving more or less "



Tell the bus driver you want to get off at, "Restaurante Voladero"  before san felix "peaje "  here at the restaurante you can buy water or any snack also WC !!Don't go to any office, take the  green stairs up to the take off ramp and ask for me RUBENFLY or PARAGLIDING MEDELLIN, the girl at the desk will put you in contact with me or my crew.



If you don't have too much time and you want to be more confortable, then I will like to recommend you a "PERSONAL" driver, he will pick you at your place, take you to San Felix, wait for you to do the activity and afterwards take you back to your place. The adicional cost for this $ 40 USD  1 up tp 4 people per car.


If there is a group of 5 or more, you will have to let us know in advance so we can hire a Van. the price for groups will be 30.000 COP each person round trip door to door. Make sure to send the correct address, specifying if it is apartment or hotel, send room number.


To book your flight, it is best to call or send an email one day in advance to confirm reservation and to have information on weather conditions for the flight.


You do not require any knowledge or experience for a tandem flight. A professional certified pilot from the ( National Federation ) FAI will take you to this magical and unique experience.


Flight is 95% of the time top-landing (landing up on the same spot we launch) but if it happens that there is a bottom landing in the town of Bello, the Pilot will bring you back to the take off ramp in a Taxi ( not extra fee ), or he can leave you close to a Metro station if you want it


We are always with our clients from pick-up to drop-off.


Flight is with a certified licensed instructor


We provide travelers insurance.


Don't forget to bring your passport.!!


Clothing and Gear: We recommend that you wear sturdy, athletic shoes, brig a sweater or light jacket (in case it’s cold aloft), long pants or jeans, and sunscreen or sunblock, SANDALS ARE NOT ALLOWED !!!


​If there are excellent weather conditions, it is possible for the pilot to let you control de paraglide for a few seconds!!



For safety reasons, we’re unable to fly with anyone having the following circumstances or conditions:




Heart or lung condition.


Recent surgeries or bone fractures.


Back problems.


Feinting spells or seizures.


Minors unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.


Taking any medications that might affect your participation in this adventure.


Maximum weight allowed per passenger 120 Kg (240 lb.)


Do not fly in adverse climates conditions.


Do not fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you went to bed late night


There are only a few medical restrictions like heart condition, blood pressure, dementia or  back surgery, let your pilot know!


It is advice not to consume a lot of food and alcoholic drinks before the flight.


 There is no physical or age limit, we have flown with physically disabled people, with people up to 101 years old and with children as young as 2 years accompanied by an instructor


Descriptive technical paragliding

  • 1. Duración de la actividad (de acuerdo a los minutos de vuelo contratados por el usuario)

    La Agencia de Viajes PARAGLIDING MEDELLÍN realiza vuelos recreativos tándem de, 20 y 30 minutos, cumpliendo  con todos los protocolos de seguridad establecidos por la Aeronáutica Civil y FEDEAÉREOS.  Nuestros equipos se encuentran en óptimas condiciones de vuelo.

    Antes de comenzar la actividad, en la pista de vuelo un asistente o el piloto, hace una reunión previa con los usuarios y les indica todas las recomendaciones necesarias.



    PARAGLIDING MEDELLÍN TRAVEL AGENCY  performs  recreational Tandem flights of  20 and 30 minutes, fulfilling on all the security protocols established by the Civil Aviation and FEDEAÉREOS. Our equipment are in optimal flight conditions.

    Before starting the activity, on the take off ramp  an assistant or pilot, makes a previous meeting with the passengers  and tells them all the necessary recommendations.

    Depending on the weather conditions, it may take about 1 hour for the passenger  to perform the activity, as this involves waiting times for attention, registration, briefing, activity (depending on the number of minutes the user chooses), landing and farewell to the user. Taking into account that access to the trail includes climbing the ladder of a trail after reaching the main road, or take uncovered road to the parking place of the flight site if arriving by private transport.

  •  2. Duración del programa (horas, días)

    Dependiendo de las condiciones climáticas, un usuario podría tardar alrededor de 1 hora realizando la actividad ya que esto involucra tiempos de espera en la atención, inscripción, briefing, realizar la actividad (dependiendo de la cantidad de minutos que elija el usuario), aterrizar y despedida del usuario. Tomando en cuenta que el acceso a la pista incluye subir las escalas de un sendero luego de llegar a la vía principal, o tomar carretera destapada hasta el parqueadero del sitio de vuelo si llega en transporte particular.



    Depending on the weather conditions, it may take about 1 hour for the passenger  to perform the activity, as this involves waiting times for attention, registration, briefing, activity (depending on the number of minutes the user chooses), landing and farewell to the user. Taking into account that access to the trail includes climbing the ladder of a trail after reaching the main road, or take uncovered road to the parking place of the flight site if arriving by private transport.

  • 3. Ubicación geográfica de donde se desarrollará la actividad

    La Agencia de Viajes PARAGLIDING MEDELLÍN realiza vuelos tándem recreativos en el Corregimiento de San Félix en el municipio de Bello Antioquia, en un área establecida por la Aeronáutica Civil y propiedad de AEROCLUB quien es nuestro Proveedor del Sitio de Vuelo.

    La zona de pistas de despegue y aterrizaje se encuentran en margen occidental del valle de aburra a una altura promedio de 2350 msnm.

    Se establece como área de prácticas para aviación deportiva Parapente, la zona que se encuentra ubicada dentro de un espacio aéreo Clase “G” y sus límites laterales son las que a continuación se indican por medio de coordenadas Geográficas: 062106N – 0753645W 062023N – 0753417W 061857N – 0753417W 061921N – 0753518W 061856N – 0753640W

    Los límites verticales serán desde la superficie hasta 9.500 pies de altitud.

    *Datos suministrados por Aeroclub (proveedor sitio de vuelo)



    PARAGLIDING MEDELLÍN Travel agency performs recreational tandem flights in the village  of San Felix in the municipality of Bello Antioquia, in an area established by the Civil Aeronautics and owned by AEROCLUB who is our Flight Site Provider.

    The take-off and landing runway area is located on the western edge of the boring valley at an average height of 2350 masl.

    It is established as a practice area for paragliding sports aviation, the area that is located within an air space Class "G" and its lateral limits are as follows by means of Geographic coordinates: 062106N - 0753645W 062023N - 0753417W 061857N - 0753417W 061921N - 0753518W 061856N - 0753640W

    The vertical boundaries will be from the surface up to 9,500 feet of altitude.

    * Data provided by Aeroclub (flight site provider)



  • 4. Condiciones micro meteorológicas de la zona donde se realizará la actividad

    Temperatura promedio de 17º C, una altitud de 2450 msnm con un techo máximo de aproximadamente 4000 msnm (dependiendo de la época del año), aunque la altura máxima de vuelo autorizada por Aerocivil es  2895,6 msnm (9500 pies)

    Los vientos predominantes vienen desde el sector oriental.

    El despegue del alto de San Félix está ubicado en la zona noroccidental del Valle de Aburrá, este sitio tiene viento de frente para despegar y condiciones de vuelo térmicas las cuales permite realizar un top landing, en el sitio, entre las horas de 9 am a 1 de la tarde.

    Después  de la 1 de la tarde encontramos vientos de restitución los cuales en ocasiones son fuertes y complicados para personas con poca experiencia (esto depende del clima de cada día)

    *Datos suministrados por Aeroclub (proveedor sitio de vuelo)



    Average temperature of 17º C, an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level with a maximum ceiling of approximately 4000 meters above sea level (depending on the time of year), although the maximum height allowed by Aerocivil is 2895.6 masl (9500 feet)

    The prevailing winds come from the eastern sector.

    The San Felix high takeoff is located in the north-western zone of the Aburrá Valley, this site has wind front and take off and thermal flight conditions which allows a top landing, on the site, between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

    After 4 in the afternoon we find winds of restitution which are sometimes strong and complicated for people with little experience (this depends on the climate of each day)

    * Data provided by Aeroclub (flight site provider)


  • 5. Condiciones topográficas de la zona donde se realizará la actividad


    Aunque tiene ubicado el casco urbano en el fondo del valle, su topografía es escarpada y está conformada por montañas, cerros y valles con alturas que van desde los 3.100 m.s.n.m. en la serranía de Las Baldías (nacimiento de las dos principales quebradas del Municipio:  La García y El Hato), hasta los 1.400 m.s.n.m. en su parte más baja en la cabecera municipal.

    Sus principales accidentes topográficos son:  El morro Quitasol (montaña piramidal, de 2.880 m de altura s.n.m.), ubicado al norte del municipio y considerado por su imponencia como el cerro tutelar de Bello.  En su zona intermedia luce un promontorio conocido como La Verruga (a 2.200 m.s.n.m.).

    Otras alturas importantes son:  Alto de Medina, Angulo, Granizal y Ovejas.  Cabe destacar por su importancia simbólica el cerro conocido como la Meseta (o Morro Plancho), ubicado en el costado occidental de su casco urbano, usado como mirador y voladero de cometas.  Forma también parte importante de su paisaje, el lejano cerro el Picacho, ubicado en sector noroccidental de la ciudad de Medellín.

    En términos generales, se destaca el alto grado de desarborización en que se encuentran todas las laderas de sus montañas, aspecto agravado por la presencia de 45 canteras y areneras que rodean el Municipio, afeando su paisaje dándole un aspecto árido y desértico y causando graves daños ecológicos en suelo, aire y agua.  Son las areneras y canteras los más grandes destructores del medio ambiente bellanita.

    Los sitios planos ubicados en su cabecera han venido gradualmente urbanizándose por la alta demanda de vivienda, sobreviviendo por el momento (aunque no por mucho tiempo, debido a próximos proyectos urbanísticos) el extenso valle oriental conocido como las mangas de Niquía, utilizado como pista de cometas y otras actividades recreativas populares.

    *Datos tomados de la página web:




    Although it has the urban center at the bottom of the valley, its topography is steep and is made up of mountains, hills and valleys with heights ranging from 3,100 m.s.n.m. in the mountain range of Las Baldías (birth of the two main gorges of the Municipality: La Garcıa and El Hato), up to 1,400 m.s.n.m. in its lower part in the municipal head.

    Its main topographic accidents are: The hill Quitasol (pyramidal mountain, 2,880 m high s.n.m.), located to the north of the municipality and considered for its imposing as the tutelar hill of Bello. In its middle zone there is a promontory known as La Verruga (at 2,200 m.s.n.m.).

    Other important heights are: Alto de Medina, Angulo, Granizal and Sheep. The symbolic importance of the hill known as the Plateau (or Morro Plancho), located on the western side of its urban center, used as a viewpoint and voladero of comets. It forms also important part of its landscape, the distant hill the Picacho, located in sector northwest of the city of Medellín.

    In general terms, the high degree of deforestation in which all the slopes of its mountains are found, an aspect aggravated by the presence of 45 quarries and areneras that surround the Municipality, affecting its landscape giving an arid and desert aspect and causing serious damages in soil, air and water. They are the sandbars and quarries the biggest destroyers of the Bellanite environment.

    The flat sites located at its head have gradually been urbanized by the high demand for housing, surviving for the moment (although not for long, due to upcoming urban projects) the extensive eastern valley known as the Niquía mangoes, used as a runway kites and other popular recreational activities.

    * Data taken from the website:


  • 6. Puntos de salida y llegada

    Pista despegue y aterrizaje:

    Aeroclub San Félix Zona noroccidental del Valle de Aburra.

    Coordenadas: 06°20’25.10’’ Norte / 075°34’16.60’’ Oeste. Orientación: NE/E

    Aterrizaje Alterno:

    Urb. Serramonte Zona noroccidental del Valle de Aburra.

    Coordenadas 6°19´24.5”N  75°34´19.6”W

    *Datos suministrados por Aeroclub (proveedor sitio de vuelo)



    Runway takeoff and landing:

    Aeroclub San Félix Northwest zone of the Valley of Aburra.

    Coordinates: 06 ° 20'25.10 '' North / 075 ° 34'16.60 '' West. Orientation: NE / E

    Alternate Landing:

    Urb. Serramonte Northwest zone of the Valley of Aburra.

    Coordinates 6 ° 19'24.5 "N 75 ° 34'19.6" W

    * Data provided by Aeroclub (flight site provider)


  • 7. Número máximo de participantes

    El número de usuarios es de uno a uno, esto quiere decir que por cada piloto va un pasajero por vuelo.



    The number of users is one to one, this means that for each pilot is one passenger per flight.

  • 8. Limitaciones y restricciones para el desarrollo de la actividad

    (condición física y salud, entre otros)

    No apto para personas con prescripción medica que impida practicar deportes aéreos: osteoporosis, hemofilia, problema en la columna o rodillas, mujeres en embarazo, vértigo, diabetes, obesidad grado 2, hipertiroidismo, extrasístole ventricular, reemplazo de cadera, convulsiones.



    Not suitable for people with a medical prescription that prevents them from practicing aerial sports: osteoporosis, hemophilia, spinal or knee problems, women in pregnancy, vertigo, diabetes, obesity grade 2, hyperthyroidism, ventricular extrasystole, hip replacement, seizures


  • 9. Variedad de la actividad

    En horas de la mañana se pueden encontrar corrientes térmicas para ganar altura y a medida que va avanzando el día, comienzan a ser termodinámicas, combinándose con la brisa que viene hacia la montaña. En la tarde encontramos corrientes dinámicas.

    En conclusión: vuelo térmico en la mañana y vuelo dinámico en las tardes, esto es lo predominante pero depende de las épocas del año.



    In the morning hours you can find thermal currents to gain height and as the day progresses, they begin to be thermodynamic, combining with the breeze that comes towards the mountain. In the afternoon we find dynamic currents.

    In conclusion: thermal flight in the morning and dynamic flight in the afternoon, this is the predominant but depends on the times of the year.


  • 10. Medios de transportes disponibles

    Para llegar al sitio de vuelo se puede utilizar transporte público o particular.

    En transporte público pueden llegar tomando un bus en la Terminal de Transporte Norte, Taquilla 11, Expreso Belmira, indicando su parada en el Estadero El Voladero, 100 m. antes del peaje.

    En transporte particular, toman la carretera Medellín - San Pedro de los Milagros hasta el Km 6, pasan el peaje PAJARITO y 100 m. más adelante, entran por la primera entrada a la izquierda, carretera destapada, hasta llegar al parqueadero del sitio de vuelo.


    NOTA: Si se aterriza en Bello, el transporte de los usuarios es a cargo de la Agencia de Viajes. No tiene ningún costo adicional y regresarán al sitio de vuelo acompañado del piloto con el que realizaron la actividad, utilizando vehículos autorizados para ello.



    Public or private transportation can be used to reach the flight site.

    By public transportation you can arrive by taking a bus at the North Transport Terminal, office  11, Express Belmira, indicating your stop at Estadadero El Voladero, 100 m. before the san felix  toll.

    By private transport, take the Medellín - San Felix road to Km 5.6 pass the PAJARITO toll and 100 m. ahead, enter by the first entrance on the left, offroad, until arriving at the parking lot of the flight site.


    NOTE: If you land in Bello, the transportation back to the take off ramp, or to the closest metro station will be pay by the Travel Agency. It has no additional cost and will return to the flight site accompanied by the pilot with whom they performed the activity, using authorized vehicles.


  • 11. Otros servicios incluidos y no incluidos

    Servicios incluidos:

    * tarjeta de asistencia. COLASISTENCIA.

    * uso de pista de vuelo

    * transporte de regreso si se aterriza en Bello por condiciones climáticas

    * tiempo de vuelo a elección del usuario.


    Servicios no incluidos:

    * transporte ida-regreso al sitio de vuelo

    * servicio de fotografía y video

    * alimentación

    * otros servicios no especificados en el plan



    Included services:

    * basic medical assistance card. COLASISTENCIA.

    * use of the take off ramp

    * return transportation if you land in Bello becaused of the  weather conditions

    * flight time at the user's choice.


    Services not included:

    * round-trip transportation to the flight site

    * Photography and video service


    * other services not specified in the plan

  • 12. El comportamiento que debe guardar el usuario durante el desarrollo

    de las actividades

    El comportamiento del usuario debe ser respetuoso y acatar todas las recomendaciones que sean dadas por el personal técnico de tierra (Asistentes) y las instrucciones dadas por el piloto.



    The behavior of the user must be respectful and comply with all the recommendations given by the ground staff (Assistants) and the instructions given by the pilot

  • 13. La edad mínima requerida para la práctica de la actividad.

    (Véanse la norma NTSAV013).

    NOTA: En todo caso, los menores de edad deben contar con autorización escrita de los padres o tutor legal para la práctica de la actividad.


    La edad mínima para el desarrollo de vuelos tándem recreativos es de 18 años, para menores de edad se debe firmar la autorización por parte de los padres o su tutor.



    The minimum age for the development of recreational tandem flights is 18 years, minors must sign the authorization by the parents or their guardian.

  • 14. La información sobre los recursos naturales y culturales de las zonas

    autorizadas donde se realizarán las actividades

    Se brinda información relevante sobre los aspectos geográficos de la zona donde se realiza la actividad de parapente, altura del lugar, datos culturales, se destacan los atractivos turísticos,  como cascadas, el páramo de las baldías, cerro quitasol, río Medellín, cerro el picacho, llano de ovejas y se muestra los lugares mas sobresalientes del Valle de Aburra. Adicionalmente se entrega información asociada a turismo sostenible (listado de comportamientos responsables)



    It provides relevant information about the geographical aspects of the area where the paragliding activity is carried out, height of the place, cultural data, highlights are the tourist attractions, such as waterfalls, páramo de los baldías, Cerro quitasol, Río Medellín, Cerro el Picacho , llano de ovejas  and shows the most outstanding places of the Valley of Aburra. In addition, information related to sustainable tourism (list of responsible behavior)

  • 15. Recomendaciones respecto al desarrollo de la actividad

    Se brinda toda la información relacionada con el proceso de despegue y aterrizaje del vuelo (ropa cómoda, zapatos tapados, chaqueta, bloqueador solar, gorra, documento de identidad, seguro de vuelo, registro fotográfico, seguridad en la pista de vuelo, ubicación de la zona de despegue y aterrizaje, condiciones climáticas del momento y posible sitio de aterrizaje, recomendaciones dadas por el piloto durante el despegue, vuelo y aterrizaje, ubicación de las manos durante el despegue, y posición de las piernas durante el aterrizaje.



    All information related to the flight take-off and landing process is provided (comfortable clothing, covered shoes, jacket, sun block, cap, identity card, flight insurance, photographic record, flightway safety, take-off and landing zone, current weather conditions and possible landing site, recommendations given by the pilot during take-off, landing and landing, location of hands during take-off, and leg position during landing.

  • 16. Información de seguros

    Se le brinda al usuario una amplia información sobre la tarjeta de asistencia en vuelo y su cobertura como garantía de seguridad. El proveedor de seguros es COLASISTENCIA, se cuenta con manilla de soporte para la habilitación del seguro, durante la actividad. También se indica que es obligatorio el conocimiento del documento de identidad del asegurado.



    The user is provided with extensive information on the flight attendance card and its coverage as a guarantee of security. The insurance provider is COLASISTENCIA, there is a support handle for the authorization of the insurance, during the activity. It is also indicated that knowledge of the insured's identity document is mandatory.

  • 17. Tarifas y condiciones de éstas

    Se le brinda al usuario una amplia información sobre las tarifas de vuelo y los tiempos disponibles y los demás servicios complementarios, estas tarifas especifican lo que incluye /no incluye en el servicio contratado.



    The user is provided with extensive information on the flight attendance card and its coverage as a guarantee of security. The insurance provider is COLASISTENCIA, there is a support handle for the authorization of the insurance, during the activity. It is also indicated that knowledge of the insured's identity document is mandatory.

  • 19. Principales riesgos que involucra la actividad de vuelo en parapente.

    La actividad de parapente involucra una serie de factores que pueden desencadenar incidentes o accidentes que pueden llegar a ocasionar heridas, fracturas o incluso la muerte.

    Volar es una decisión personal y una actividad individual, que no puede verse jamás sometida o alterada por factores de riesgos ni por presiones externas.



    Paragliding involves a number of factors that can trigger incidents or accidents that can lead to injuries, fractures or even death.

    Flying is a personal decision and an individual activity, which can never be subjected or altered by risk factors or external pressures.


Información Importante:

Apreciado visitante, tenga en cuenta que en caso de fuerza mayor, si se presentan circunstancias ajenas a la organización como alteración de las condiciones climáticas o de orden público del área donde se practica la actividad de turismo de parapente, la misma deberá ser suspendida y podrá realizarse en una nueva fecha a programar.

Para constancia de haber leído esta información, se deja soporte con la firma de la FICHA DE INSCRIPCIÓN DEL USUARIO, previo a realizar la actividad.


Important information:

Dear visitor, please note that in case of force majeure, if there are circumstances outside the organization such as alteration of the climatic conditions or public order of the area where the paragliding activity is practiced, it must be suspended and may be made on a new date to be scheduled.

For proof of having read this information, support is left with the signature of the USER'S REGISTRATION FORM, prior to performing the activity.


Ruben Fly

Tandem Instructor APPI

Register No. 11336 Association of

Paragliding pilots and instructors.

Instructor Tandem Nacional Fedeaereos

Registration No. COL-826-PG

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